Snake Tray cable management and enclosures are being used in some of the leading data centers in the world.Our cable tray systems are built with features that make installations quicker and more cost-effective.We also carry a full line of boxes and enclosures for distributing power in the access floors

Mega Snakecable tray is strong as steel but flexible with preconfigured with turns,"T"s and crossings.Mega Snake can be suspended from the ceiling,attached to the cabinets or be free standing with Snake Trays' unique mounting system.

Snake Canyonis our fastest installing cable tray solution that integrates with the computer access floor.Snake Canyon can work with any access floor and can be accessorized with power and data distribution modules.

Aluminum Cable Tray and Steel Runwayis now available for Snake Tray for the high cable capacity areas in the data center.

Boxes and Enclosuresare available for power distribution in access floors.

Read about howSnake Tray's Cable Tray Systems support cables' journey through the data center.