Snake Tray is committed to designing and manufacturing 金莎中国线上products that have many green benefits.Our 金莎中国线上products are made of recycled materials,minimize material waste,use less non-renewable 金沙大赌场网址resources,nest together to lower the cost of material handling and shipping and have energy efficient features.

As a company,Snake Tray is committed to manufacturing our 金莎中国线上products in a way that minimizes impact on the environment.We are proud to say we are the first in our industry to manufacture utilizing solar power from our own roof top solar array.We have streamlined our manufacturing methods and have adopted greener practices including reducing waste,saving energy,and utilizing 金沙大赌场网址resources wisely.

We are active members of the US Green Building Council and stand ready to help building owners,architects and design engineers reach their sustainable building goals.

Snake Tray®Cable Management Systems

  • Made of Recycled Steel
    Our 金莎中国线上products are made of 100% recycled steel.
  • No Material Waste
    Our 金莎中国线上products require no fabrication so no waste material is created.Our systems also use less hardware and accessories to install.
  • Compact Shipping and Packaging
    Our 金莎中国线上products nest together for compact shipping.We use less packaging materials and require less material handling,which also reduces energy used in the transportation of goods.
    USA Manufactured with Distribution Centers throughout the USA
    Our 金莎中国线上products use less transportation to reach the building site.
  • Reusable and Reclaimable
    Our 金莎中国线上products can be reused and are made of 100% reclaimable products.

Snake Bus® and Snake Connect Power Distribution

  • Consumes Less Copper Resource
    Snake Bus consumes approximately 30% less of the earth's copper resource than all other methods.
  • Made of Recycled 金莎中国线上Products
    Snake Bus is made of 75% recycled 金莎中国线上products.
  • Re-Usable and Reclaimable
    Snake Bus can be moved and reused.Snake Bus is made of 99% reclaimable 金莎中国线上products.
  • Energy Efficient
    Snake Bus' unique bus bar technology experiences less voltage drops versus traditional copper wire thus reducing energy consumption.
  • No Material Waste
    System requires no use of pipe and wire,no vertical cabling and eliminates abandoned cable,minimizing landfill additions.